Welcome to the City of Dubbo Eisteddfod

The City of Dubbo Eisteddfod Society provides a forum for performance in the disciplines of Dance, Instrumental, Vocal & Choral, Speech, and Drama. 

The Society aims to provide an environment for competitors where, in partnership with constructive adjudicators, training, experience and enjoyment can be gained in an atmosphere of positive encouragement. 

In 2014, the City of Dubbo Eisteddfod also established the Dubbo Eisteddfod Support Team (DEST) a group of dedicated individuals who gather for monthly meetings to discuss and assist with the general running of the Eisteddfod. 

We are always in desperate need of volunteers to assist in the running of our Eisteddfod. If you can help out in any way, please contact the secretary: eisteddfoddubbo@gmail.com



Changes to proposed dates – Dance program

The Group Dance weekend for Dubbo was proposed for the 17th & 18th of June but we have been advised that there has been a slight change in the timetabling for the Dance Group events at the 2017 Sydney Eisteddfod and they are now scheduled to also be held on the 17th & 18th June. 

We appreciate that a number of dance studios in our region had planned to attend Sydney Eisteddfod so we have looked at how we can change the dates to make it possible for the studios to participate in both events because we realise what a great opportunity and experience these events provide.

The proposed changes are as follows:

(please note the final dates will be determined by the number of entries received)

Senior dance solos – Thursday 8th June – Monday 12th June

Junior dance solos – Wednesday 14th June – Friday 16th June

Junior dance groups – Saturday 17th June – and possible Sunday 18th June

Senior dance groups – Saturday 24th June - and possibly Sunday 25th June

The Eisteddfod Grand Concert will now be held on Sunday 25th June @approximately 3 pm


Please Note: Changes for Groups/Troupes for 2017.

 A dance studio may enter multiple groups (not restricted to two only) in any class.   A competitor may now appear more than twice in GROUPS ONLY in any class.

Please note rules for Groups/Troupes should read as follows:

Time limit for all Group dances is MAXIMUM 5 MINUTES;

Groups are to consist of at least FOUR persons on the day of the Eisteddfod;

There is NO LIMIT to the number of groups entered in a class by a Dance Studio;

Competitors may appear multiple times in groups in any class;

Proposed dates for 2018

In 2018 we propose that the dance program will commence with both junior and senior dance groups on the weekend of Saturday 2nd June and Sunday 3rd June to avoid another possible conflict of dates with Sydney.  The program will conclude on Monday 11th June (long weekend)

2017  proposed  dates  for  Vocal,  Speech & Drama  and  Instrumental

Vocal/Choral   -  Thursday  1 - Saturday  3  June  - School choirs  -  1 & 2 June 

Speech  &  Drama  - Sunday  4  - Friday  9  June  - Verse Speaking Choirs 6/7 or 7/8

Instrumental (woodwind/brass/bands) - Wednesday 14 - Friday 16 June - School & open bands  -  14/ 15/16  June               

Instrumental (strings/piano/guitar) - Monday 19  -  Wednesday 21 June